Capture your Design Thinking project with Nuvyu.

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Nuvyu is a web app to document Design Thinking projects.

Design Thinking teams can document their work results in Nuvyu. They can capture whatever they want, e.g. insights, ideas or whiteboard photos. The team can also connect pieces of information with each other, creating a network of their information. Over time they create a digital team memory which expands as their knowledge grows.

See the big picture

Working on a Design Thinking project, you generate lots of information. We help you keep the big picture in mind by displaying the stream of thoughts and all paths your project has taken. In its context, a piece of information immediately becomes more valuable - and it is easier to repeatedly make use of it.

Change perspective

With Nuvyu you can look at your information from different perspectives. For example, you can explore your phases and iterations. You can see how much time you spent in which phase or inspect how exactly the third iteration looked like. Changing perspectives also enhances your creativity!

Export presentations

During the project, you want to share your results with others. Nuvyu allows you to export all your information into a slide deck, which you can use for presentations. With Nuvyu you gain a rich documentation of your project - which highly increases the likelihood of the idea being realized!

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